What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is one of the most innovative games in recent years, and it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a breakthrough in the computer games world. The first version of that game debuted on May 17th 2009 and since than.


Minecraft is winning the gamers hearts around the world

This independent computer game with an open world is a challenge mainly for creative people. The player has cube-shaped blocks and three-dimensional world at his disposition, and the way in which he is going to develop this space depends only on the player himself. There are two versions of the product available, free and paid versions and you can play on your own as well as in a group.



Minecraft for free

The free game allows you to create remarkable constructions using unlimited amount of the materials, but the great majority of the Minecraft enthusiasts claim that mainly a paid version is truly attractive. It has four game modes which allow the essential enrichment of the game. The first mode – Creative – resembles the first version, where the character with which we play doesn’t have to worry either about the building materials or its existence. The loss of life is possible only as a result of a fall into the empty space under the world’s surface. The character can fly which helps it to overcome any obstacles.


Survival mode

The Survival mode is a bit more demanding, as in this case you need to take into account that you will have to mine the resources and produce tools on your own. The character may have problems with monsters, other players (if we decide on a group mode), and also hunger and diseases, so the game requires remembering of many aspects of the game. Hardcore mode is more complicated, the player has to fight for survival, and the difficulties arises one after another. This mode is also for people with strong nerves, since when the player loses life, there is no chance for revival. The last mode – Adventure is also interesting, which came out with 1.3.1 version. Here the player may use a lever, buttons, and other improvements, and his village can enter into interaction with settlements run by other players.


800 million players

In January 2013 the published data showed that more than eight hundred million copies of the game were purchased by its enthusiasts from the whole world. And we may predict that its popularity will be still growing.

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